There's no excuse for abuse
The normalisation of institutional sexual abuse is just the start
Abuse is not limited to the Victorian prison system.
There's no excuse for abuse TM
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We know horrific abuse occurs behind walls and closed doors.Royal commissions and Senate Inquiries consistantly tell us so.
So why does abuse continue unabated?
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A story of murder,torture and systemic abuse
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We adopted the slogan "no excuse for abuse" from the belief that there is no justification or excuse for the wholesale wanton abuse of the vulnerable and marginalised... particularly by those who bask in the self satisfied glory of being the self appointed guardian or whose who were paid to protect... then to only abuse.

When exposed, the excuse so often advanced by Governments, of not knowing (or caring) or lack of resources or training is no excuse. For prisoners, state wards and the mentally ill to be raped, murdered and sexually abuse is not brought about by a "lack of resources" or "need for training", its caused by a lack of humanity and care as well as the need for prosecution.

We feel that there is no greater crime that the abuse of trust, placed in these perverts and abusers, who took the money and the glory... then abused that trust for their own perverted pleasures. We must really examine the statement that the abuser were only "doing their job" when it's a job that involves all the elements of the sickest sexual perversions. What man seeks out the job of handcuffing naked juveniles... bashing then senseless and throwing them into an empty cell naked.

Ask yourself what woman seek out a job in a male prison... crying equal rights, and then demanding her colleges bash some prisoner when she feels offended for some comment or gesture made? What man seeks out the job of strip searching other naked men? Or bashing naked 17 year olds who are handcuffed and restrained.

"Ask youself what type of men seek out a job which involves stripping naked and dominating young boys and women, putting them into restraints and bashing and abusing them.
The same type that sought jobs in boys homes that, as we know, for decades raped, tortured and killed."

What they call their job is described in the varied sections of the Crimes Act. Why hide in the public toilet block when you can get your jollies and be paid for it? And before you cry out in their collective defence... first ask why they are there?

The clinical terms as domination, voyeurism, bondage fetish and sadomasochism are some of the terms that aptly fit the job description of our modern day corrections professional. Every single one of the job requirements of our "professionals" can be found in sick fetish books or illicit web sites.

There is no examination of the psychological suitability of corrections "professionals". With the introduction of private prisoners, it has come down to anyone willing to accept a diminished pay cheque. Still there are job benefits you can't get elsewhere (unless you are willing to risk arrest). History tells us that these individuals sought out these positions and abused those unable to defend themselves.

In 1999, the Forde Inquiry into Queenland abuse in boys homes painted horrific picture of systemic abuse. Recent graphic images emeging from the NT simply confirm that nothing has changed. The usual hand ringing and no one charged, or if they are, then only to be acquitted.

The Government knew and did nothing. It's now says it's sorry. It still allows abuse, and holds no one to account
We know horrific abuse occurs behind walls and closed doors.Royal commissions and Senate Inquiries tell us so. So, why does abuse continue unabated?

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